takouhai asked:

Go go go!! Answer these: C (me right?), I, K, O, R (has to be me), T, U, X (definitely mine) (^p^)/

C - Crushing on?
Hmph, not you.

I - Ice cream flavour?
Matcha or strawberry, dumbo

K - Killed someone?
Nope, but if I were to, one of them would be you. Be honoured.

O - One wish?
Cook for me, slave
or you can get me avengers themed stuff like iron man socks or something (*birthday hint hint*)
nah jk ;D

R - Reason to smile?
Have you seen how birds walk, from behind? The way they waddle is so bloody funny

T - Time you woke up?
Don’t try to rub it in dammit

U - Umbrella colour?

X - Fav tumblr blog?
Still not you, HAH

unexpected-medleys asked:

F, I, O, R, S, X :)

F - Fav song?
It changes pretty often. Right now, it’s Daft Punk medley by Pentatonix

I - Ice cream flavour?
Matcha or strawberry :)

O - One wish?
Movie night! Crashing on a friend’s couch and someone can bring the popcorn and drinks

R - Reason to smile?
Getting home after a long day

S - Song I last sung?
Roxie from the Chicago musical

X - Fav tumblr blog?
Don’t really have any. Maybe ask-rivailles-squad?